We are still providing Telehealth appointments  – contact us to make an appointment 

We provide our clients, across all ages, with a diverse range of psychological assessment, counselling and consultancy services in order to best meet their individual needs.

Our clients engage with us for a number of diverse reasons including psychological assessment, consultation, treatment and counselling services. Many want to improve their mental health and wellbeing and engage  in counselling for issues that include relationship and family difficulties, life changes, career planning, personal growth etc.

It’s important to know that don’t need to have a referral and you don’t need to have mental health diagnosis to consult with our Psychologists. However, if you have been suffering from a mental health disorder or have been referred by a medical professional, your workplace, maybe even a loved one for treatment – we are here to help.

We know that established psychological treatments are effective in managing many diagnosed mental health disorders. For example, research is telling us that professional and appropriately delivered psychological intervention is the treatment of choice for most childhood problems, and is effective in treating the most common mental health conditions including anxiety and depression.

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