Stress in the workplace

By June 16, 2014 August 16th, 2014 Reflections
Stress in the workplace

Mental health issues are rising at a concerning rate, and given the majority of our day is often spent at work – it’s really important that we do our best to manage stress in the workplace. Easier said than done! Difficult colleagues, demanding corporate cultures, angry clients, long hours – on it goes. And it can take its toll.

High levels of stress for extended periods of time can affect our mental health. Those nasty chemicals that excessive amounts of stress produce can start to mess around with our thoughts, feelings and behaviours – often resulting in consequences that are far from helpful. These can include family breakdown, relationship issues, poor health etc. After all what affects us at work, often affects us at home.

Sound familiar? Most of us can relate to this on some level – and short of waving a magic wand over our workplace – developing strategies that can help us to psychologically distance ourselves from the demanding boss or annoying colleague can make the world of difference to how we think and feel about different situations during our working week.

This doesn’t mean that we put up with bad or abusive behaviour which can all to often unfortunately be part of our working experience – it means that we can learn to pullback a little from our thoughts or feelings, and look at things with a broader often less judgemental perspective. It may be that even with this perspective – we approach Human Resources or a trusted colleague and say: “I’ve had enough of this now, and I’m going to look into my rights here because this is unacceptable”.

I guess sometimes when we’re caught up ‘in the problem’ it’s a little hard to see the wood from the trees and with some counselling support – clarity can become that little easier to obtain and making choices around how we react to things can take on a different direction.

We’re here to help in all regards around work – we too know the stresses of trying to balance work, family and health and the corresponding mental health issues that come out of ‘imbalance’. Feel free to make an appointment with us if you feel we can help you with ‘rebalancing’ what may feel like at times a seesaw of psychological experiences!