Our mind loves to play tricks on us…

By July 10, 2014 September 8th, 2014 Reflections
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Our mind loves to play tricks on us. If it’s not dragging us off to the past to ruminate and regret all those things been and done – it’s tearing us off to the future to worry about the things that haven’t happened yet.

Sound familiar? It’s hard, really hard to often recognise when this is happening and even harder still to bring ourselves back to the present moment in such a way that we can focus on our work or enjoy time with our friends and loved ones. The mind is awesome – yet so sneaky and sometimes downright unhelpful!

It might like us to obsess over such things like: “Should I tell my partner about what I’m feeling here, or just keep this to myself? Maybe I should just pack in this job and start over again, but then what? Should I tell my boss that I’ve had enough of these long hours and I need more time with my family?”

Our human experience is an often complex and painful. It can be joyous and fulfilling too. It’s sometimes full of painful thoughts, and upsetting feelings – and often when we feel our worst is when our mind really starts to play tricks on us. Thanks mind, thanks for trying to ruin another day!

As silly as this last sentence may sound – it can be the first step in acknowledging that our mind plays tricks on us and we really don’t need to believe all it would like us to believe and feel. Of course easier in theory than in practice.

We love helping our clients across all ages live a more meaningful and happy life – and counselling can be a powerful mechanism to start this new journey where we’re not always at the whim of our tricky minds.