Feeling like you’ve lost ‘Yourself’?

By August 3, 2014 September 25th, 2014 Reflections
lost myself

Many of our clients come to us and tell us, I feel like I have lost myself. A comment that we understandably hear often as psychologists and counsellors. In our previous posts we’ve talked about ‘the human condition’ being made up of thoughts and feelings that very often get the better of us, especially when our mental health starts to suffer. Often deteriorating mental health can turn into a mental illness if we don’t start to address things. And sometimes feeling lost can be an indicator that we need to look a little more deeply into what is affecting our mental health.

Who are we then if somewhere inside ourselves we feel lost?

These questions can be a little overwhelming to contemplate – and sometimes even harder to identify what it is that we’ve moved away from that has lead to our feelings of loss. Especially when our mind is playing tricks on us.

Working with your values is what is really important to us and is a great way in assisting people to start to overcome psychological issues. That is, sometimes we need to ‘ground’ ourselves in what is truly important to us – so that we can then start, or re-start, the journey back to self.

After all, how displaced and lonely it can feel when our story is being told and our journey directed by others that don’t seem to understand what we truly value in our hearts?

Counselling support should never be based in judgement – and we know that  often it’s our own negative judgements of self that has lead to psychological distress. This can unfortunately often be reinforced by those we love, or by society more generally.

I believe that counselling is a journey – often back to our forgotten selves. And there is nothing braver in my world than a person who enters into that journey, often with the support of a complete stranger, and through committed courage and determination starts to rewrite their own narrative, often amongst the disapproving voice of the dominant discourse of those around them.